Mudslingers Show Off Pleasant Hill Elementary Garden

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Mudslingers Show Off Pleasant Hill Elementary Garden

" After joining Commissioner Miller for Pleasant Hill Elementary's School Breakfast Week kickoff event, Assistant Commissioner for Food and Nutrition Angela Olige enjoyed a VIP tour of the school's garden.

TDA Assistant Commissioner Angela Olige in garden at Pleasant Hill Elementary with students.Angela Olige enjoyed a VIP tour of the school gardens at Pleasant Hill Elementary in Leander ISD during the school’s National School Breakfast Week 2016 celebrations.

The school’s Mudslingers team led the tour of their perennial garden.  Angela heard about the process of building the compass rose garden and observed the beautiful plants growing in the garden.  There was much to share about the perennial garden thanks to the Mudslingers, one of two student organizations that maintain the school gardens.

Next, she toured the learning garden beds which had just been prepped for the spring planning.  Mrs. Erickson explained the upcoming Pizza Garden, the past Three Sisters Garden and the Olla pots. 

Angela asked Liz Ayers and Francine Erickson about obstacles in constructing and maintaining a school garden.  They shared that their primary struggle was with funding.  She also inquired about how the school as a whole utilizes the garden.  

The Mudslingers are led by PE/Health Teacher Liz Ayers. Participating in the Mudslingers has developed within its members a sense of pride, leadership skills and  a growing enthusiasm for gardening. The  after garden club, comprised of students and their families,  provides support for the planting, harvesting and general maintenance of the learning garden. Each club meeting includes a garden lesson and application of the lesson in the garden.  Second grade teacher Francine Erickson oversees it all and ensures that both gardens have education and life long learning as the primary focus. Both gardens provide the school with an outdoor classroom setting where teachers can incorporate gardening across all subjects.

Photo courtesy of Leander ISD.