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Staff Development

Staff Development

One of the greatest challenges in child nutrition programs is fostering and maintaining growth in your school nutrition staff members. TDA has curated resources to aid in designing your trainings and supporting your staff. Learn the essentials of Professional Standards Guidelines required for your school nutrition staff.

Professional Standards

Keeping track of training to maintain professional standards is essential for compliant. Access TDA’s new Teamwork module in TX-UNPS below for easy tracking of professional development training.

Team Building Resources

Having a strong team and collaborative work environment allows everyone to work efficiently toward a common goal of nutritious and compliant meals that students enjoy. Promoting team-building and empowering your staff through regular training can help increase productivity, profits, and employee satisfaction.

Customer Service Strategies

Key to student participation is staff motivation through strategic messaging during service and throughout the school environment.

Nutrition Resources

Understanding underlying nutrition concepts and policy is helpful to motivating staff to maintain adherence to meal pattern.